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Death Marching to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Author : AINANA Hiro Artist : shiriSynopsis : Suzuki, an adult programmer, suddenly notice that he"s been thrown into a different world while wearing a casual clothes at level 1. He gained high level và treasures after using the 3-times-disposable-magic, Meteor Shower, once. After that he intend to vị different world "sightseeing tours"?
Meeting 3 beast girls, beautiful purple & black haired sisters & an eccentric blond haired elf girl along with various people during his trip. Although there are occasional fights with demons và demon lords, this is a heartwarming fantasy story at heart.Original Work at
: TL Progress
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Chapter 1-1Chapter 1-6
Chapter 1-2Chapter 1-7
Chapter 1-3Chapter 1-8
Chapter 1-4Chapter 1-9
Chapter 1-5Chapter 1-10
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Chapter 2-2Chapter 2-8
Chapter 2-3Chapter 2-9
Chapter 2-4Chapter 2-10
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Chapter 2-6Chapter 2-12
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Chapter 3-1Chapter 3-2Chapter 3-3
Chapter 3-4Chapter 3-5Chapter 3-6Chapter 3-7Chapter 3-8Intermission: Zena
Chapter 4-1Chapter 4-7
Chapter 4-2Chapter 4-8
Chapter 4-3Chapter 4-9
Chapter 4-4Chapter 4-10
Chapter 4-5Chapter 4-11
Chapter 4-6Chapter 4-12
Chapter 4 Intermission 1Chapter 4 Intermission 2
Chapter 5-1Chapter 5-8
Chapter 5-2Chapter 5-9
Chapter 5-3Chapter 5-10
Chapter 5-4Chapter 5-11
Chapter 5-5Chapter 5-12
Chapter 5-6Chapter 5-13
Chapter 5-7 Chapter 5-14
Chapter 5-15Chapter 5 Intermission 1 Chapter 5 Intermission 2Chapter 5 Intermission 3Chapter 5 Intermission 4Chapter 5 Intermission 5Chapter 5 Intermission 6
Chapter 6-1Chapter 6-2Chapter 6-3Chapter 6-4Chapter 6-5Chapter 6-6Chapter 6-7 Chapter 6-8Chapter 6-9Chapter 6-10Chapter 6-11Chapter 6-12Chapter 6-13Chapter 6-14Chapter 6-15Chapter 6-16Chapter 6-17Chapter 6-18Chapter 6-19Chapter 6-20Chapter 6-21Chapter 6-22Chapter 6-23 Chapter 6-24Chapter 6-25Chapter 6-26Chapter 6-27Chapter 6-28Chapter 6-29Chapter 6-30Chapter 6-31Chapter 6-32Chapter 6-33Chapter 6-34Chapter 6 Intermission 1Chapter 6 Intermission 2 Chapter 6 Intermission 3Chapter 6 Intermission 4Chapter 6 Intermission 5Chapter 6 Intermission 6
Chapter 7-1Chapter 7-2 Chapter 7-3Chapter 7-4Chapter 7-5Chapter 7-6Chapter 7-7Chapter 7-8Chapter 7-9Chapter 7-10Chapter 7-11Chapter 7-12Chapter 7-13Chapter 7-14Chapter 7-15Chapter 7-16Chapter 7-17Chapter 7-18Chapter 7-19Chapter 7-20Chapter 7-21Chapter 7-22Chapter 7-23Chapter 7 Intermission 1Chapter 7 Intermission 2Chapter 7 Intermission 3Chapter 7 Intermission 4Chapter 7 Intermission 5
Chapter 8-1Chapter 8-2Chapter 8-3Chapter 8-4Chapter 8-5Chapter 8-6Chapter 8-7Chapter 8-8Chapter 8-9Chapter 8-10Chapter 8-11Chapter 8-12Chapter 8-13Chapter 8-14Chapter 8-15Chapter 8-16Chapter 8-17Chapter 8-18Chapter 8-19Chapter 8-20Chapter 8-21Chapter 8-22Chapter 8-23Chapter 8-24Chapter 8-25Chapter 8-26Chapter 8 Intermission 1Chapter 8 Intermission 2Chapter 8 Intermission 3Chapter 8 Intermission 4Chapter 8 SS 1Chapter 8 Intermission 5Chapter 8 Intermission 6Chapter 8 Intermission 7Chapter 8 SS 2Chapter 8 SS 3Chapter 8 SS 4Chapter 8 Intermission 8Chapter 9-1Chapter 9-2Chapter 9-3Chapter 9-4Chapter 9-5Chapter 9-6Chapter 9-7Chapter 9-8Chapter 9-9Chapter 9-10Chapter 9-11Chapter 9-12Chapter 9-13Chapter 9-14Chapter 9-15Chapter 9-16Chapter 9-17Chapter 9-18Chapter 9-19Chapter 9-20Chapter 9-21Chapter 9-22Chapter 9-23Chapter 9-24Chapter 9-25Chapter 9-26Chapter 9-27Chapter 9-28Chapter 9-29Chapter 9-30Chapter 9-31Chapter 9-32Chapter 9-33Chapter 9 Intermission 1Chapter 9 Intermission 2Chapter 9 SS 1Chapter 9 Intermission 3Chapter 9 SS 2Chapter 9 Intermission 4Chapter 9 SS 3Chapter 9 SS 4Chapter 9 SS 5Chapter 10-1Chapter 10-2Chapter 10-3Chapter 10-4Chapter 10-5Chapter 10-6Chapter 10-7Chapter 10-8Chapter 10-9Chapter 10-10Chapter 10-11Chapter 10-12Chapter 10-13Chapter 10-14Chapter 10-15Chapter 10-16Chapter 10-17Chapter 10-18Chapter 10-19Chapter 10-20Chapter 10-21Chapter 10-22Chapter 10-23Chapter 10-24Chapter 10-25Chapter 10-26Chapter 10-27Chapter 10-28Chapter 10-29Chapter 10-30Chapter 10-31Chapter 10-32Chapter 10-33Chapter 10-34Chapter 10-35Chapter 10-35-2Chapter 10-36Chapter 10-37Chapter 10-38Chapter 10-39Chapter 10-40Chapter 10-41Chapter 10-42Chapter 10-43Chapter 10-44Chapter 10-45Chapter 10-46Chapter 10-47Chapter 10-48Chapter 10-49Chapter 10-50Chapter 10-51Chapter 10 Intermission 1Chapter 10 Intermission 2Chapter 10 SS 1Chapter 10 SS 2Chapter 10 SS 3Chapter 10 SS 4Chapter 10 Intermission 3Chapter 10 SS 5Chapter 10 SS 6Chapter 10 SS 7Chapter 10 SS 8Chapter 10 SS 9Chapter 10 SS 10Chapter 10 Intermission 4Chapter 10 Intermission 5Chapter 10 Intermission 6Chapter 10 Intermission 7Chapter 10 【SS】 11Chapter 10 【SS】 12Chapter 10 SS 13Chapter 11-1Chapter 11-2Chapter 11-3Chapter 11-4Chapter 11-5Chapter 11-6Chapter 11-7Chapter 11-8Chapter 11-9Chapter 11-10Chapter 11-11Chapter 11-12Chapter 11-13Chapter 11-14Chapter 11-15Chapter 11-16Chapter 11-17Chapter 11-18Chapter 11-19Chapter 11-20Chapter 11-21Chapter 11-22Chapter 11-23Chapter 11 SS 1Chapter 11 SS 2Chapter 11 SS 3Chapter 11 Intermission 1Chapter 11 SS 4Chapter 11 Intermission 2Chapter 11 SS 5Chapter 11 SS 6Chapter 1 SS 7Chapter 1 SS 8Chapter 11 SS 9Chapter 12-1Chapter 12-2Chapter 12-3Chapter 12-4Chapter 12-5Chapter 12-6Chapter 12-7Chapter 12-8Chapter 12-9Chapter 12-10Chapter 12-11Chapter 12-12Chapter 12-13Chapter 12-14Chapter 12-15Chapter 12-16Chapter 12-17Chapter 12-18Chapter 12-19Chapter 12-20Chapter 12-21Chapter 12-22Chapter 12-23Chapter 12-24Chapter 12-25Chapter 12-26Chapter 12-27Chapter 12-28Chapter 12-29Chapter 12-30Chapter 12 Intermission 1Chapter 12 SS 1Chapter 12 SS 2Chapter 12 SS 3Chapter 12 SS 4Chapter 12 Intermission 2Chapter 12 Intermission 3Skill Table of the Protagonist up until Chapter 12Chapter 13-1Chapter 13-2Chapter 13-3Chapter 13-4Chapter 13-5Chapter 13-6Chapter 13-7Chapter 13-8Chapter 13-9Chapter 13-10Chapter 13-11Chapter 13-12Chapter 13-13Chapter 13-14Chapter 13-15Chapter 13-16Chapter 13-17Chapter 13-18Chapter 13-19Chapter 13-20Chapter 13-21Chapter 13-22Chapter 13-23Chapter 13-24Chapter 13-25Chapter 13-26Chapter 13-27Chapter 13-28Chapter 13-29Chapter 13-30Chapter 13-31Chapter 13-32Chapter 13-33Chapter 13-34Chapter 13-35Chapter 13-36Chapter 13-37Chapter 13-38Chapter 13 Intermission 1Chapter 13 Intermission 2Chapter 13 SS1Chapter 13 SS2Chapter 13 SS3Chapter 13 SS4Chapter 13 SS5Chapter 13 SS6Chapter 14-1Chapter 14-2Chapter 14-3Chapter 14-4Chapter 14-5Chapter 14-6Chapter 14-7Chapter 14-8Chapter 14-9Chapter 14-10Chapter 14-11Chapter 14 SSChapter 14-12Chapter 14-13Chapter 14-14Chapter 14-15Chapter 14-16Chapter 14-17Chapter 14-18Chapter 14-19Chapter 14-20Chapter 14-21_SS Chapter 14-22Chapter 14-23Chapter 14-24Chapter 14-25Chapter 14-26Chapter 14-27Chapter 14-28Chapter 14-29Chapter 14-30Chapter 14-31Chapter 14-32Chapter 14-33Chapter 14-34Chapter 14-35Chapter 14-36Chapter 14-37Chapter 14-38Chapter 14-39Chapter 14-40Chapter 14-41Chapter 14-42Chapter 14-43Chapter 14-44Chapter 14-45Chapter 14-46Chapter 14-47Chapter 14 Intermission 1Chapter 14 SS1Chapter 14 Intermission 2Chapter 14 Intermission 3Chapter 14 Intermission 4Chapter 15-1Chapter 15-2Chapter 15-3Chapter 15-4Chapter 15-5Chapter 15-6Chapter 15-7Chapter 15-8Chapter 15-9Chapter 15-10Chapter 15-11Chapter 15-12Chapter 15-Intermission
Chapter 15-13Chapter 15-14Chapter 15-15Chapter 15-16Chapter 15-17Chapter 15-SSChapter 15-18Chapter 15-19Chapter 15-20Chapter 15-21Chapter 15-22Chapter 15-23Chapter 15-24Chapter 15-25Chapter 15-26Chapter 15-27Chapter 15-28Chapter 15-29Chapter 15-30Chapter 15-31Chapter 15-32Chapter 15-33Chapter 15-34Chapter 15-35Chapter 15-36Chapter 15-37Chapter 15-38Chapter 15-39Chapter 15-40Chapter 15-41Chapter 15-42Chapter 15-43Chapter 15-44Chapter 15-Intermission 1Chapter 15-Intermission 2Chapter 15-Intermission 3Chapter 15-Intermission 4Chapter 15-Intermission 5Chapter 15-Intermission 6Chapter 15-Intermission 7Chapter 15-Intermission 8Chapter 15-Intermission 9Chapter 15-Intermission 10Chapter 16-1Chapter 16-2Chapter 16-3 Chapter 16-4Chapter 16-5Chapter 16-6Chapter 16-7Chapter 16-8Chapter 16-9Chapter 16-10Chapter 16-11Chapter 16-12Chapter 16-13Chapter 16-14Chapter 16-15Chapter 16-16Chapter 16-Intermission 1Chapter 16-17Chapter 16-18Chapter 16-19Chapter 16-20Chapter 16-21Chapter 16-22Chapter 16-23Chapter 16-24Chapter 16-25Chapter 16-26Chapter 16-27Chapter 16-28Chapter 16-29Chapter 16-30Chapter 16-31Chapter 16-32Chapter 16-33Chapter 16-34Chapter 16-35Chapter 16-36Chapter 16-37Chapter 16-38Chapter 16-39Chapter 16-40Chapter 16-41Chapter 16-42Chapter 16-43 Chapter 16-44Chapter 16-45Chapter 16-46Chapter 16-47Chapter 16-48Chapter 16-49Chapter 16-50Chapter 16-51Chapter 16-52Chapter 16-53Chapter 16-54Chapter 16-55Chapter 16-56Chapter 16-57Chapter 16-58Chapter 16-59Chapter 16-60Chapter 16-61Chapter 16-62Chapter 16-63 Chapter 16-64Chapter 16-65Chapter 16-66Chapter 16-67Chapter 16-68Chapter 16-69Chapter 16-70Chapter 16-71Chapter 16-72Chapter 16-73Chapter 16-74Chapter 16-75Chapter 16-76Chapter 16-77Chapter 16-78Chapter 16-79Chapter 16-80Latest TL Progress
Chapter 17-1Chapter 17-2Chapter 17-3Chapter 17-4Chapter 17-5Chapter 17-Intermission 1Chapter 17-6Chapter 17-7Chapter 17-8Chapter 17-9Chapter 17-10Chapter 17-11Chapter 17-12Chapter 17-13Chapter 17-14Chapter 17-15Chapter 17-16Chapter 17-17Chapter 17-18Chapter 17-19Chapter 17-20Chapter 17-21Chapter 17-22Chapter 17-23Chapter 17-24Chapter 17-25Chapter 17-26Chapter 17-27Chapter 17-28Chapter 17-29Chapter 17-30Chapter 17-31Chapter 17-32Chapter 17-33Chapter 17-34Chapter 17-35Chapter 17-36Chapter 17-37Chapter 17-38Chapter 17-39Chapter 17-Intermission 2Chapter 17-40Chapter 17-41Chapter 17-42Chapter 17-43Chapter 17-44Chapter 17-45Chapter 17-46Chapter 17-47Chapter 17-48Chapter 17-49Chapter 17-50Chapter 17-51Chapter 17-52Chapter 17-53Chapter 17-54SSCommemorating Conclusion SS Kishresgalza Clan
Chapter 18-4Chapter 18-5Chapter 18-6Chapter 18-7Chapter 18-8Chapter 18-9