I. Choose the word/ phrase (A, B, C or D) that best fits the space in each sentence. (2.5 pts)

1. Disneyland __________ its 60th birthday on Saturday 18 July, 2015.

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A. Celebrated B. Congratulated C. Complicated D. Complimented

2. __________ the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year, pupils often pay their teachers a visit.

A. Khổng lồ B. On C. In D. At

3. Our little son was sleepy when we were walking khổng lồ the park;________, we went trang chủ early.

A. Therefore B. However C. Moreover D. Although

4. People _________ vì chưng not love nature may not love anything else in life.

A. Whom B. Whose C. Which D. Who

5. Speaker 1: “Excuse me. Vày you mind if I sit here?” – Speaker 2:”_________”

A. You’re right B. Not at all! Go ahead C. Sure, thanks. D. Really? Good!

6. The small bamboo forest _________ the entrance lớn the village makes it picturesque.

A. At B. In C. On D. To

7. About 70% of the earth’s __________ is covered with water.

A. World B. Atmosphere C. Ocean D. Surface

8. The teacher ________ Van if she had ever tried calling a helpline.

A. Said B. Advised C. Asked D. Suggested

9. Speaker 1: “______” Speaker2 : “Sơn Đoòng is a new tourist destination.”

A. Let’s eat out this evening! B. We need a holiday, dear!

C. I miss my relatives in Huế! D. I’d lượt thích to cook something special food.

10. I chose to buy the house in District 9 ______ avoid noise & pollution.

A. So that B. In order that C. So as to D. In order not

II. Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting. (0,5 pt)

11. One of the great pleasures of to travel to lớn another country is eating different dishes.


12. The drought that caused by El Nino weather patterns is hitting đất nước xinh đẹp thái lan and Cambodia.


III. Read the following letter. Decide if the statements from 13 lớn 16 are, True or False and choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D) for the questions 17 and 18.

Dear Daddy,

I am writing this to tell you how much you are missed và loved, especially on such a special day as today. I will always remember that day – my graduation day. You were standing there with tears in your eyes while I was walking towards the stage lớn get my diploma, a moment in time that would last forever. You are such a devoted father who has always taken very good care of family & me. I now live independently, Dad, & I’ve experienced the difficulties of being and adult, và I am going to have my own children with all the burden of being a parent. I understand & love you more. After all, I will always be your little naughty son! Happy Father’s Day.

13. This is a letter written by a man to lớn his father. True

14. The father cried when his son was on his way khổng lồ the stage. True

15. The letter is sent from a son lớn his father on the son’s graduation day. False

16. The writer of this letter has no difficulty living an adult’s life. False

17. What is the letter mainly about?

A. The writer’s study at university B. The writer’s childhood memory

C. The writer’s thankfulness khổng lồ the father D. The writer’s marriage life

18. Which of the following can be inferred from the letter?

A. The father is quite irresponsible

B. The writer is in disagreement with the father

C. The writer has a lot of experience in work.

D. The writer very much respects the father.

IV.Choose the word (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space in the following passage. (1,5pts)

Britain will soon ban smoking in cars with children. Britain’s government wants (19)______ the harm cigarette smoke does lớn children. New laws will cut the chances of children passive smoking. This is when someone breathes in the (20)______ from other people’s cigarettes. Many studies say passive smoking can almost be as (21) ______ as actually smoking a cigarette. The British government says that it has looked at research pointing out that children who sit in smoke-filled cars have (22)_____ problems. It in particularly bad in cars because there is so little space, so the car fills with smoke very quickly. (23)_________ agrees with the new law. Some lawmakers argue that it takes away the freedom for people to smoke in their own car. However, Britain’s health minister states that the health of children is more (24)___________ than the freedom khổng lồ smoke.

19. A. Reduce B. Khổng lồ reducing C. Lớn reduce D. Reducing

20. A. Gas B. Tobacco C. Smell D. Smoke

21. A. Harmful B. Heavy C. Careless D. Tired

22. A. Traffic B. Housing C. Health D. Economic

23. A. Everyone B. No one C. Not everyone D. Every lawmaker

24. A. Important B. Useful C. Serious D. Interesting

VI. Use the correct tense or form of the verb given in each sentences. (1.0 pt)

25. The local government has plans to lớn modernize this city.

26. That exchange student can speak English and Spanish fluently.

27. Nowadays, Vietnamese women still wear ao dai, especially on a special occasion.

28. Some styles of jeans in the 1960s were embroidered jeans, painted jeans and so on.

29. Too much dependence on the parent spoils a child.

30. Despite the benefits of the Internet, the users sometimes suffer various risks.

VI. Rearrange the groups of words in a correct order to lớn make complete sentences (0.5pt)

31. Our parents were happy lớn hear all of us had made considerable progress

32. The Academy of Language offers you a good & friendly and environment lớn practise your English.

VII. Rewrite each of the following sentences in another way so that it means almost the same as the sentence printed before it, (2.0pts)

33. We wish we could try all the special food of the village.

34. She said that she wanted khổng lồ send her son to lớn a university in the UK.

35. If you don’t work hard enough, you won’t pass this entrance examination

36. Three more new schools will be opened in the town next autumn by The Prime Minister.

Đề thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Anh của tp.hồ chí minh luôn được đánh giácao về độ nặng nề so với khá nhiều địa phương khác. Sau đây làđáp án cùng lời giải ví dụ cách giải đề thi vào 10 siêng Anh của tp hcm năm học tập 2016-2017.

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Phân tích đề thi vào 10 chuyên Anh tp.hồ chí minh 2016-2017
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KÌ THI TUYỂN SINH LỚP 10 thpt TP HỒ CHÍ MINH | NĂM HỌC 2016-2017MÔN: TIẾNG ANH (Môn chuyên)Thời gian có tác dụng bài: 120 phút, ko kể thời gian phát đề


1. Would you mind if I ___ off the television?
A. Turn B. Turned C. Turning D. Had turnedÞ Would you mind + if + S + Ved +…: hỏi xin phép một giải pháp lịch sựÞ vày you mind + if + S + Vpresent + …: hỏi xin phép một biện pháp lịch sựÞ Would/Do you mind + Ving +…: yêu mong ai đó một biện pháp lịch sự

2.Grace knows a lot about Web design though she ____ it.A. Has never studiedB. Had never studied
C. Never studied
D. Will never studyÞHành động chưa khi nào học kéo dãn dài từ vượt khứ cho tới tận hiện tại tạiÞDùng thì hiện tại hoàn thành

3.It’s a waste of time ___ Olga to lớn help because she is too busy.A. Khổng lồ ask
B. You ask
C. Being askedD. AskingÞIt’s a waste of time doing Sth: thật chi tiêu thời gian thao tác gì đó

4.If Jane ____ 3 years older, she ___ after her own pet dog.A. Were – could lookB. Was – can look
C. Had been – would look
D. Is – would lookÞCâu đk loại 2 diễn đạt một điều kiện không có thật ở hiện nay tại: If + S + were/Ved+…, S + would + Vinfi+…

5.The poster was prepared by that artist, _____ had been the creator of many original ones.A. WhoB. That
C. He
D. WhichÞMệnh đề quan liêu hệ. Ở đây bao gồm the artist là fan nên ta lựa chọn who

6.Dammon’s suit was _____ that we could not help laughing at him.A. Such funnyB. Too funnyC. A little funny
D. SuchÞS + be + too +adj + (for sbd) to do sth: quá … để triển khai gìÞS + be + such + (a/an) +adj + N + that + S + V+…: quá … đến nỗi

7.The room was very noisy, _____ I hardly heard myself talking khổng lồ others.A. Therefore
B. HenceC. SoD. ConsequentlyÞChọn C vì chưng quy tắc vết trong giờ đồng hồ Anh:– với therefore, hence, consequently thì phải có dạng clause 1, ____, clause 2 hoặc clause 1; ____, clause 2– với and: clause 1, ____ clause 2 hoặc clause 1; ____ clause 2

8.Sarah proposed that we ___ out to the waters of Bala Lake lớn learn some basic skills of paddling.A. HeadB. Would head
C. Headed
D. Might headÞS + propose/suggest/advice/insist/recommend/order/request/urge/… + that + S + (should) + Vinfi+….

9. Essays ____ in, we all felt relieved and ready for the term break.A. Were handed
B. Handing
C. HandedD. Had been handedÞThì thừa khứ chấm dứt để mô tả 1 hành động xảy ra trước một hành vi trong vượt khứ. Hành vi xảy ra trước chia ở thì quá khứ hoàn thành, hành vi xảy ra sau phân chia ở thì thừa khứ đơnÞPassive Voice của quá khứ trả thành: had been +PII

10.Not until ___ the cartoonist ___ why he was popular with the public.A. Did I meet – that I realized
B. I met – that I could realize
C. Had I met – could I realizeD. I had met – did I realizeÞNot only + clause/time + auxi + S + V

11.The young man was staggering along the street as if he ___ some alcohol.A. Drank
B. Was drinkingC. Had drunkD. Would drinkÞS + V thừa khứ +… + as if/as though + S + had + PII: trường hợp giả định làm việc quá khứ, diễn đạt một hành vi xảy ra trước một hành động

12.Having a few good friends can have good influence on one’s ____ health.A. SentimentalB. Feeling
C. Affection
D. EmotionalÞsentimental health: sức khỏe về mặt tình cảm

13. An ____ psychologist will deliver a tốc độ at the parents’ meeting this weekend.A. EffectiveB. Eminent C. Erratic D. ErroneousÞ effective: hiệu quảeminent: tất cả tiếngerratic: không đáng tin cậyerroneous: sai lầm

14. Though it was not his own work, the student sent the article lớn two publishers without _____ khổng lồ his professor.A. Reference  B. Preference C. Deference D. InterferenceÞ reference lớn sbd: sự hỏi chủ ý của ai

15. In the silence of the dining-room, only the ___ of cutlery was heard.A. Pattering B. Rustling C. Rattling D. ClatteringÞ pattering: giờ tí tách, lộp bộp của mưaÞ rustling: giờ đồng hồ xào xạc, sột soạtÞ rattling: tiếng kêu lạch cạch, nổ lốp bốp, rơi lộp bộpÞ clattering: giờ lách cách, rất ít xoảngÞ cutlery: cỗ dao nĩa bày bên trên bàn ăn

16. The little boy injured at a ___ of tốc độ while he was riding his bike.A. Pass B. Start C. Break D. BurstÞ at a burst of speed/applause/laughter: sự tăng bất ngờ đột ngột cái nào đấy trong thời gian ngắn

17. It was widely claimed that watching TV too much may lead to headache và eye _____.A. Tension B. Intensity C. Extension D. StrainÞ eye strain: sự căng thẳng của mắt

18. The oto was running so fast that I could hardly ____ a glimpse of the man sitting next khổng lồ the driver.A. Launch B. Catch C. Cast D. SendÞ catch a glimpse of: chú ý lướt qua

19. Motorists should not get ___ violating laws such as speeding or running through red lights.A. Away with B. Out of  C. Off with D. Up onÞ get out of: trốn tránh không có tác dụng gìÞ get away with: thành công tránh bị phạtÞ get off with: bắt đầu một quan hệ tình dục cùng với ai đóÞ get up on: đã đạt được hoặc cố gắng đạt được cái gì bằng việc vòi vĩnh; ăn trộm

20. Theodor was very delighted khổng lồ see his old friends again; he gave her such a _____ handshake.A. Firm B. Close C. Steady D. BigÞ firm handshake: cái bắt tay chặt

21. It is ______ that South Africa is a leading country in exporting diamonds.A. human nature B. Without saying C. Common knowledge D. SayingÞ It’s common knowledge that …: Điều mà ai ai cũng biết đó là …

22. Martha Wells, who is a very good counselor at my school, can ____ some very good advice.A. Turn up for B. Put off withC. Come up with D. Go in forÞ Turn up: xảy ra, đến, xuất hiệnÞ Put off: hoãn lại, để chậm lạiÞ Come up with: gửi raÞ Go in for: gia nhập chơi, mê, đam mê, ưa chuộng

23. The new series of comic books ____ for children from 5 to lớn 11 years old.A. Meet B. Suit C. Convenience D. CaterÞ Cater for: hỗ trợ những gì ai đó ao ước hoặc cần

24. ______, the power nguồn was cut, and the audience felt panicked & started running out of the theatre.A. In a nutshell B. All of a sudden C. At no time D. Without cautionÞ All of a sudden: Đột nhiên, không báo trướcÞ In a nutshell: nói tóm lạiÞ At no time: không khi nàoÞ Without caution: ko 1 lời cảnh báo

25. I suggested some activities for the team, but my teammates ____ of them all.A. Disagreed B. Ridded C. Deprived D. DisapprovedÞ Disapprove of: ko tán thành, bội nghịch đối, chêÞ Disagree with sbd on sth: không gật đầu với ai về chiếc gìÞ Rid of: giải thoátÞ Deprive sbd/sth of sth: mang đi vật gì của ai/cái gì

26. The teacher called Michael “a walking dictionary” và that ____ stuck.A. Title B. Brand C. Label D. TagÞ Title: tiêu đềÞ Brand: yêu đương hiệuÞ Label: nhãn, nhãn hiệuÞ Tag: thẻ ghi tên

27. – Speaker 1: Would you like another cup of tea? – Speaker 2: ______A. Thank you! B. I vì chưng C. Yes, please D. That’s alrightÞ Would you lượt thích ____? – Yes, please

28. The conductor asked me twice ____ my card.A. If I had tapped  B. Whether I have tapped
C. Did I tap D. Had I tappedÞ Reported Speech: câu gián tiếp yêu mong lùi thì và dùng if/whether lúc câu thẳng là thắc mắc nghi vấn

29. You cannot borrow the book at the same time. Please take ___ to have it, two weeks for each.A. Turns B. Time  C. Risk D. InterestÞ Take time: tự từ

30. You _____ in the preparation course because I can see no name lượt thích yours here.A. Would not have enrolled B. Mustn’t have enrolledC. Ought not have enrolled D. Couldn’t have enrolledÞ Could/may/might + have + PII: chỉ một kỹ năng trong vượt khứÞ Should/ought lớn + have + PII: chỉ một bổn phận, trọng trách được mang lại là xẩy ra ở thừa khứ nhưng vị một lí vị nào đó mà đã ko xảy raÞ must + have + PII: có một sự suy luận hợp lí trong thừa khứ


The Yellowstone National Park is also (1) ____ to lớn a number of wildlife species, including wolves, grizzlies, elk và bison, all (2) ____ in their natural habitats. Khổng lồ those who come to lớn visit this park, it offers a number of attractions và activities like hiking, boating, cycling & wildlife (3) ____. If you have a(n) (4) ____ interest in history, geology and geography, this park is a treasure cove waiting to be explored with its dramatic landscape that includes canyons, falls, geysers and water (5) ____ that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world. Out of all the wonderful places you can plan khổng lồ visit this summer, the Yellowstone National park is the most amazing of all and definitely a must-visit (6) ____ on your travel list.

Before you arrive you need khổng lồ decide where to stay. Yellowstone Park offers many options when it (7) ____ khổng lồ staying overnight. You can stay in the park proper via camping, or stay in a modern facility such as the Old Faithful Inn. In the summer you have nine lodging facilities to choose from with over 2,000 available rooms. You can also choose khổng lồ stay in a more modest cabin on the east side of the park that contains (8) ____ 500 rooms. Keep in mind that if you plan to lớn stay at any khách sạn or cabin or lodge in the Yellowstone Park region you must attempt khổng lồ book at least 6 months (9) ____. Rooms get filled up very quickly due lớn limited (10) ____. Staying in Yellowstone National Park is an authentic American Great West experience which will (11) ____ & engage visitors (12) _____ all ages and backgrounds. With this (13) _____, Yellowstone lodgings bởi not have televisions, wireless mạng internet or radios in the rooms or cabins, but telephones are available in most khách sạn and lodge rooms. (14) ______, because temperatures rarely reach beyond the 80 degrees Fahrenheit, hotels và cabins do not have air conditioning; however, fans are (15) ______.

1. A. Home B. Homage C. Native D. SettingÞ Be home to: là chỗ sinh sinh sống choÞ Homage: lòng kính trọng, sự tôn kínhÞ Native: trực thuộc địa phương, địa bànÞ Setting: mua đặt

2. A. Are found B. Finding C. Found D. Will be foundÞ Found: được tìm kiếm thấy, dạng rút gọn gàng mệnh đề của which are found

3. A. Viewing B. Looking C. Gazing D. LocatingÞ Viewing: quan sát ngắm

4. A. Enormous B. Abundant C. Glorious D. AvidÞ Enormous: to lớn lớn, khổng lồÞ Abundant: nhiều hơn thế mức đủ, nhiềuÞ Glorious: vinh quang, vẻ vang, huy hoàng, rực rỡ, lộng lẫyÞ Avid: khao khát, thèm muốn

5. A. Sections B. Partitions  C. Bodies D. UnitsÞ Waters bodies: các sinh đồ dùng dưới nướcÞ Section: khúc, cỗ phậnÞ Partition: sự phân chia, phân chia cắt, phần được chiaÞ Unit: đơn vị

6. A. Spot B. Dot C. Sight D. ZoneÞ Must-visit spot: địa điểm cần đếnÞ Dot: chấmÞ Sight: cảnh tượngÞ Zone: khu vực

7. A. Introduces B. Comes  C. Reaches D. HappensÞ When it comes to _____: khi nhắc đến, khi nhắc đến

8. A. Almost B. Mostly C. Most D. UtmostÞ Almost: gầnÞ Mostly: hầu hết, công ty yếuÞ Most: nhiều, đa sốÞ Utmost: vô cùng, cực kì

9. A. In balance B. At hand C. On offer D. In advanceÞ In advance: trướcÞ At hand: bao gồm thứ nào đó sẵn trong tayÞ On offer: có sẵnÞ In balance: số tiền dự trù chi trong chi phí không được nhiều hơn số tiền sẽ chi trong một khoảng thời hạn nào đó

10. A. Sensibility B. Knowledge C. Chance D. AvailablilityÞ Sensibility: sự nhạy bén cảmÞ Knowledge: kiến thứcÞ Chance: cơ hộiÞ availability: sự có sẵn

11. A. Inspect  B. Inspire C. Include D. IncreaseÞ Inspect: để mắt tới kĩ, kiểm tra, thanh traÞ Inspire: truyền cảm hứngÞ Include: bao gồmÞ Increase: tăng

12. A. At B. In C. Of  D. AboutÞ Of all ages and backgrounds: từ phần nhiều lứa tuổi, tầng lớp

13. A. As example B. At times C. In mind D. On averageÞ With this in mind: cùng với ý tưởng, suy nghĩ, chủ kiến này vào đầu

14. A. Supposedly B. Similarly C. Differently D. CheerfullyÞ Supposedly: mang đến là, giả sử làÞ Similarly: tương tựÞ Differently: khác biệtÞ Cheerfully: Một bí quyết hào hứng

15. A. Mix B. Put C. Presented D. ProvidedÞ Provide: cung cấp


A. READ THE PASSAGE và CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWERS lớn THE QUESTIONS. (10 PTS)When Jules Verne wrote Journey khổng lồ the Center of the Earth in 1864, there were many conflicting theories about the nature of the Earth’s interior. Some geologists thought that it contained a highly compressed ball of incandescent gas, while others suspected that it consisted of separate shells, each made of a different material. Today, well over a century later, there is still little direct evidence of what lies beneath our feet. Most of our knowledge of the Earth’s interior comes not from mines or boreholes, but from the study of seismic waves – powerful pulses of energy released by earthquakes.

The way that seismic waves travel shows that the Earth’s interior is far from uniform. The continents & the seabed are formed by the crust – a thin sphere of relatively light, solid rock. Beneath the crust lies the mantle, a very different layer that extends approximately halfway to lớn the Earth’s center.Therethe rock is the subject of a battle between increasing heat & growing pressure.

In its high levels, the mantle is relatively cool; at greater depths, high temperatures make the rock behave more lượt thích a liquid than a solid. Deeper still, the pressure is even more intense, preventing the rock from melting in spite of a higher temperature.

Beyond a depth of around 2,900 kilometers, a great change takes place & the mantle gives way to lớn the core. Some seismic waves cannot pass through the core và others are bent byit. From this & other evidence, geologists conclude that the outer chip core is probably liquid, with a solid center. It is almost certainly made of iron, mixed with smaller amounts of other elements such as nickel.

Xem thêm: 11 Công Việc Cần Chuẩn Bị Một Đám Cưới Vẹn Toàn, Hướng Dẫn Chuẩn Bị Đám Cưới Từ A Đến Z

The conditions in the Earth’s bộ vi xử lý core make it a far more alien world than space. Its solid iron heart is subjected to unimaginable pressure và has a temperature of about 9,000o
F. Although scientists can speculate about its nature, neither humans nor machines will ever be able to lớn visit it.

1. What is the main idea of the passage?
A. Jules Verne’s supposition of the Earth’s center.B. The Earth’s interior through the study of seismic waves.C. The comparison between the Earth’s core & the outer space.D. The depth và the temperatures at the Earth’s interiorÞ When Jules Verne wrote Journey to lớn the Center of the Earth in 1864, there were many conflicting theories about the nature of the Earth’s interior. Some geologists thought that it contained a highly compressed ball of incandescent gas, while others suspected that it consisted of separate shells, each made of a different material. Today, well over a century later, there is still little direct evidence of what lies beneath our feet. Most of our knowledge of the Earth’s interior comes not from mines or boreholes, but from the study of seismic waves – powerful pulses of energy released by earthquakes.

2. What is today’s nichest source of information about the Earth’s interior for geologists?
A. Boreholes B. Shells  C. Seismic waves  D. MinesÞ Most of our knowledge of the Earth’s interior comes not from mines or boreholes, but from the study of seismic waves – powerful pulses of energy released by earthquakes (p1)

3. The word “conflicting” in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning khổng lồ ____A. Controlling B. Important C. Outdated D. OpposingÞ Conflicting: đối lập, mâu thuẫnÞ Controlling: chínhÞ Important: quan tiền trọngÞ Outdated: lỗi thờiÞ Opposing: đối lập

4. The word “there” in paragraph 2 refers to the ______A. Mantle B. Crust C. Seabed D. Earth’s centerÞ Beneath the crust lies the mantle, a very different layer that extends approximately halfway lớn the Earth’s center. There the rock is the subject of a battle between increasing heat & growing pressure. (p2)

5. Which of the following is a primary characteristic of the Earth’s mantle?
A. Light, solid rock B. Uniformity of compositionC. Dramatically increasing pressure D. Compressed, incandescent gasÞ The way that seismic waves travel shows that the Earth’s interior is far from uniform. The continents and the seabed are formed by the crust – a thin sphere of relatively light, solid rock. Beneath the crust lies the mantle, a very different layer that extends approximately halfway khổng lồ the Earth’s center. There the rock is the subject of a battle between increasing heat and growing pressure. (p2)

In its high levels,the mantleis relativelycool;at greater depths, high temperatures makethe rockbehave more likea liquidthan a solid.Deeper still,the pressureis even more intense,preventing the rock from meltingin spite of a higher temperature. (p3)

6. Which of the following terms is NOT given a definition in the passage?
A. Mantle B. Crust C. Seismic waves D. Outer coreÞ seismic waves – powerful pulses of energy released by earthquakes (p1)Þ the crust – a thin sphere of relatively light, solid rock (p2)Þ the mantle, a very different layer that extends approximately halfway to lớn the Earth’s center (p3)Þ đưa ra định nghĩa về 3 quan niệm trênÞ the outer chip core is probably liquid, with a solid center => chưa phải định nghĩa

7. Which of the following statement is NOT true?
A. At relatively great depths, the rock behaves more like a liquid than a solid
B. Some seismic waves cannot pass through the coreC. Deeper down the Earth, the rock is melted due to high temperatureD. The outer bộ vi xử lý core is liquid & the center is solidÞ … at greater depths, high temperatures make the rock behave more like a liquid than a solid… (p3)Þ … Some seismic waves cannot pass through the core và others are bent by it… (p4)Þ … Deeper still, the pressure is even more intense, preventing the rock from melting in spite of a higher temperature… => sâu rộng nữa, áp lực đè nén lớn khiến cho đá dừng chảy => C saiÞ … geologists conclude that the outer vi xử lý core is probably liquid, with a solid center… (p4)

8. The phrase “gives way to” in paragraph 4 is closet in meaning to _____.A. Runs along  B. Rubs against C. Turns into D. Floats onÞ Run along = give way to: nhường con đường choÞ Rub against: cọ xát vàoÞ Turn into: trở thành, biến đổi thànhÞ Float on: trôi nổi trên

9. The word “it” in paragraph 4 refers toA. Chip core  B. Mantle C. Change D. DepthÞ Some seismic waves cannot pass through the core and others are bent by it

10. Why does the author state in the last paragraph that the Earth’s core is ‘far more alien” than space?
A. Government funds are not available khổng lồ study the Earth’s core
B. Scientists aren’t interested in the characteristics of the Earth’s coreC. It is impossible khổng lồ go to lớn the Earth’s core to do researchD. The Earth’s core is made of elements that are dangerous lớn humans.Þ Although scientists can speculate about its nature, neither humans nor machines will ever be able to lớn visit it. => nó bí mật hơn từ đầu đến chân ngoài hành tinh


A good many technical people become irate when you điện thoại tư vấn a computer a giant brain. They insist that a computer does only what thinking humans have planned lớn have it do.

Yet one authority states categorically: “A machine can handle information, it can calculate, conclude và choose; it can perform reasonable operations with information. A machine, therefore, can think.” Famous mathematician Norbert Wiener, of MIT, envisions a machine that can learn và will “in no way be obliged to lớn make such decisions as we should have made, or will be acceptable to us.” (1) _________.

There is a popular anecdote about a computer programmer who, just for a lark, spent days setting up the machine lớn destroy itself, then watched delightedly as the computer dutifully proceeded to commit suicide. (2) _______.

To me the controversy boils down lớn a definition of the word think. There is no area in physiology that is less understood than the human brain. Practically all that is known is that the brain contains some ten billion tiny cells called neurons. (3) _________. The completely materialistic view is that neurons, along with an extraordinary network of nerve-communication lines, comprise all that is khổng lồ the brain. But such an explanation fails to trương mục for how the brain originates thought.

(4) _______. The brain has roughly a million times as many components as the best computer. On the other hand, the difference may lie in a spiritual factor, embraced by religion. At any rate, a machine cannot exercise không tính tiền will or originate anything-not yet. Whether it ever will be still an xuất hiện argument.

Computers can already vì chưng a lot of surprising things, which include predicting the weather. (5) ________, but this, as well as most of the other tasks now performed by the thinking machines, is routine, requiring thinking of a very low order.

A. Apparently neurons are elementary memory units, capable of storing the same kind of information “bits” that a machine can store.

B.The machine is able khổng lồ make forecasts by assimilating vast quantities of data

C.The machine is composed of different elements rather than memory units

D.If that machine could have thought, would it not have circumvented him?

E.Evidently, he thinks machines can think.

F.Probably the clearest differentiation between man và machine is a quantitative one

1-E 2-D 3-A 4-F 5-B


(Line 1)Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll was born on February 2, 1977 in the northern Columbian town of a Catalan and Italian mother và an American father of Lebanese descent. Shakira began her musical career at the tender age of 8 when she wrote her first heart-wrenching song “Tus Gafas
Oscuras” in memory of her brother who has lost his life in a car accident. At 10 years of age, Shakira applied lớn be in the school of choir, but she was turned off on the grounds that her voice was too strong and sounded lượt thích the bleating of a goat.

(Line 6)Instead of giving up, Shakira kept her focus on music & participated in a televised singing competition for children, after which she started being invited khổng lồ various events in Barranquilla và became a local celebrity. When she turned 13, she caught the eye of theatre production Monica Ariza, who took her under her wing and made her name known outside Barranquilla. On a flight from her hometown to the Columbian capital of Bogota, Ariza happened to sit next to lớn Sony executive Ciro Vargas, that agreed to hold an audition for Shakira a few weeks later inside a hotel lobby. Vargas was utter impressed with the budding new artist và praised her in lavish term to the Sony artist directors.

musical => musicÞ music career: sự nghiệp âm nhạcmusical career: sự nghiệp âm nhạc cổ điển

has => hadÞ Thì thừa khứ xong xuôi had+PII để diễn tả một hành động xảy ra trước một hành vi trong thừa khứ
Thì hiện nay tại hoàn thành have/has + PII để diễn tả một hành động xảy ra trong quá khứ nhưng mà vẫn còn tiếp diễn đễn hiện nay tại

off => downÞ turn down on the grounds: từ chốiturn off: tắt

that => whoÞ Mệnh đề dục tình sau vết phẩy không dùng that. Ciro Vargas là tên gọi người bắt buộc ta cần sử dụng who

utter => utterlyÞ be + adv + adj


1, Whether you are at home or at school, you are likely __surrounded____ by objects made of some kind of plastic ROUNDÞ Be surrounded by: bị vây bao quanh bởi

2. __Sundial____ as the first clocks used the length of the Sun’s shadow lớn mark the passing of the day. SUNÞ Sundial: đồng hồ thời trang mặt trờiÞ As: như

3. A lot of traditional materials lượt thích bark or straw are _corporated____ into daily modern products. CORPORATIONÞ Passive Voice : be + PIIcorporation (N) tập đoàn, sự liên kếtcorporate (V): đúng theo thành, liên kếtÞ Bark: vỏ câystraw: rơm

4. The __artisty____ in Little Lucie’s paintings is highly appreciated by many adults. ARTÞ The + Nart (N) nghệ thuậtartistry (N): tính nghệ thuậtÞ be highly appreciated by: được đánh giá cao bởi

5. Three members of the jury __mysteriously___ disappeared three days before the trial at the Supreme Court. MYSTIFYÞ Adv + Vmystify (V) làm huyền bí, bí ẩnmysteriously (adv): một bí quyết bí ẩnÞ Jury: hội đồng xét xửtrial: phiên tòa xét xử

6. ___Futurology___ is a science in which future is forecast on the basis of the current trends in the society. FUTUREÞ S(N) + V +…future (N) tương laifuturology (N): ngành khoa học nghiên cứu về tương lai

7. My uncle has decided lớn join a walking group – a collective of ___single-minded___ individuals, all enthusiastic for the outdoors. MINDÞ Adj +Nmind (N) trí ócsingle-minded (adj): chuyên tâm, tập trung vào 1 vấn đề duy nhấtÞ collective: tập hợpbe enthusiastic for: đắm đuối về cái gìindividual: cá nhân

8. In the rat race of life, one is so concerned with his own benefits all the time that he soon became morally ____insensitive__. SENSEÞ Become + (adv) + adjsense (N): giác quaninsensitive (adj): vô tình, vô ýÞ In the rat race of lifebe concerned withmorally

9. Among the five secretaries we have taken on so far, Wendy, who is the most _ineffective_____, will be dismissed next month. EFFECTÞ be + adjeffect (V): tác độngeffective (adj): hiệu quảÞ dismiss: sa thải

10. The clerk’s proposal was __furiously___ protested by the Administration Board và the share-holders. FURYÞ Adv + Vfury (N): cơn thịnh nộfuriously (adv): điên tiết, cáu tiếtÞ proposal: đề xuấtclerk: thư kíprotest: bội phản đối
Administration Board: hội đồng quản trịshare-holder: cổ đông


When you go shopping for sunglasses, you soon realize that as well as being overpriced, they are heavily associated (1) __with___ images of celebrity. Sunglasses are cool, & it is a cool that seems set to endure. Have you ever (2) __wondered___ why this should be? The roots of sunglasses are anything (3) __but___ glamorous, however. Amber-tinted spectacles first appeared in the nineteenth century và were a medical remedy for people (4) _whose____ eyes were oversensitive (5) __to___ light. The first mass-produced versions, made by Sam Foster, were sold in the 1920s in US seaside resort. At this point, (6) ___however__, they remained functional objects, and were (7) __yet___ khổng lồ acquire the cool (8) ___image__ they now enjoy.

This (9) __came___ about thanks lớn the US air force. In the 1930s, airmen started to wear anti-glare glasses which were called “aviators”. In the (10) __early___ days of flight, these man were regarded (11) ____as_ heroes. Down on the ground, actors keen to lớn (12) ___cash__ it in a little of that glory realized that sunglasses represented a short (13) __cut___ to lớn intrigue. If audiences couldn’t see an actor’s eyes, then they couldn’t read his or her (14) __thoughts___. Being human, audiences wanted lớn know more. So it was that the (15) __link___ between the fascination of celebrity and a pair of sunglasses was forged.


1. The new computer trò chơi will be undoubtedly as good as Caroline has expected. UP-> There is no …… doubt that The new computer game will live up to Caroline’s expectation ……Þ There is no doubt that = undoubtedly: không còn nghi ngờ gì nữaÞ live up lớn someone’s expectation: đạt đến mức ai đó ý muốn đợi

2. Danny kept some spare parts in his car because he thought his car might stop working. DOWN-> In… case his oto broke down, Danny kept some spare parts in his car ….Þ In case: vào trường hợp

3. If nobody objects, today’s class will not kết thúc until 5pm. DISMISSED-> Unless … somebody objects, today’s class will be dismissed at 5pm. …Þ Unless: nếu không + câu điều kiện loại 1

4. This door, which is an emergency exit, must never be locked for any reason. SINCE-> On no … condition/account must this door be locked since it is an emergency exit. …Þ On no condition/account: cho dù trong bất cứ hoàn cảnh làm sao đi nữa thì cũng ko được

5. Melvin decided to hire the camping equipment from a local shop instead of buying it from the website. DECISION-> Rather … than buying the camping equipment from the website, Melvin made a decision lớn hire it from a local shop.…Þ Make a decision khổng lồ = decide to: quyết địnhÞ Intead of: thay vị = rather than

6. Due to lớn the danger of virut infiltration, we have khổng lồ be cautious when sharing information. PRECAUTION-> So dangerous … is the virus infiltration that we have to lớn take precaution when sharing information.Þ Đảo ngữ cùng với so… thatÞ So + adj + be + N that …Þ Take precaution = be cautious: cảnh giác

7. It came as a surprise to us that the prices all of the items in the cửa hàng were reduced by 30%. BROUGHT-> to lớn … our surprise all of the items’ prices were brought down by 30% …Þ to our surprise = It came as a surprise to lớn us that: điều làm cửa hàng chúng tôi ngạc nhiên là

8. It was wrong of you not khổng lồ keep those trouble-makers under control. STRING-> You should … have kept those trouble-makers on a string …Þ Should/ought khổng lồ + have + PII: chỉ một bổn phận, trọng trách được mang đến là xảy ra ở vượt khứ nhưng vày một lí vì chưng nào đó mà đã không xảy ra

9. Roger finally managed to lớn cycle khổng lồ the vị trí cao nhất of the hill when the crowds cheered wildly. CHEERS-> Roger succeeded … in cycling lớn the vị trí cao nhất of the hill when the cheers of the crowds were wild …Þ manage to: giải quyết, day trở đượcÞ succeed in: thành công

10. Susan did not notice the broken guitar string, and neither did Faye. TOOK-> Neither …… Susan nor Faye took notice of the broken guitar string …Þ Neither + S1 + nor + S2 + Vchia theo S2 +…..