Trong bộ đề thi giờ đồng hồ Anh lớp 4 thì đề thi olympic tiếng Anh lớp 4 cấp cho trường là một trong những tài liệu ôn luyện tiếng Anh phù hợp với nhiều phần các em học sinh.

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Học tiếng Anh lớp 4 với mọi dạng đề thi tiếng Anh nói thông thường và đề thi Olympic giờ Anh nói riêng để giúp các em gồm thêm những kỹ năng và kiến thức tiếng Anh bắt đầu và ôn luyện giờ Anh hiệu quả.

Học giờ Anh lớp 4 với phần đa dạng đề thi tiếng Anh nâng cao mang đến cho những em gần như dạng bài xích tập mới, số đông ngữ pháp, tự vựng new giúp những em học tập tiếng Anh tốt hơn. Trong bộ đề thi olympic giờ đồng hồ Anh lớp 4 cấp cho trường gồm đáp án Alokiddy sẽ cung cấp cho các em học tiếng Anh lớp 4 đều dạng bài xích tập new giúp các em học tiếng Anh hiệu quả hơn và ôn luyện giờ Anh xuất sắc hơn.

Đề thi olympic giờ Anh lớp 4 cung cấp trường có đáp án

Đây là bộ đề thi olympic tiếng Anh lớp 4 cấp cho trường năm học tập 2015-2016 tiên tiến nhất giúp những em ôn luyện giờ đồng hồ Anh có hệ thống hơn.


Exercise 1: Reorder the words khổng lồ make sentences.

1. That/ an/ is/ orange.

2. What/ time/ it?/ is

3. Sam/ live?/ does/ Where

4. Is/ your/ tall?/ father

5. Are/ Fish & chicken/ things./ favourite/ Nga’s

6. Where/ is/ bag?/ my

7. Bởi you/ How many/ me?/ give/ books

8. He/ 5.30./ work/ at/ finishes

9. The city./ house/ My/ in/ is

10. Many/ at school./ friends/ have/ I

Exercise 2: Fill in the blank.

1. _ _ _ _ did you do? – I listened to Vietnamese songs.

2. _ _ _ _ _ are you going lớn stay? – In a hotel.

3. What a beautiful Sunday! Why don’t we _ _ _ _ breakfast in the garden?

4. It’s raining, _ _ I can’t go to lớn the beach.

5. It’s _ _ _ _ hot here. We need a fan.

6. How _ _ _ _ bananas are there in the fridge?

7. What time _ _ you get up?

8. I usually play badminton in _ _ _ park.

9. Today boys và girls can not play in the _ _ _oolyard because it is raining

10. I lượt thích music và books _ _ _ _ much.

11. Ho_ often vị you play badminton?

12. _ _ _ do you buy flowers? – Because to day is Mary’s birthday.

13. She lives _ _ a small house và she doesn’t like it.

14. _ _ _ _ vày you usually vày in your miễn phí time?

15. Are _ _ _ _ _ any pets in Jannie’s house? – Yes, there’s a dog and a cat.

16. I pl_ _ badminton every Monday.

17. What _ _ _ _ does your family have breakfast? – At 7 o’clock.

18. Don’t _ _ _ _ noise. My mother is talking to her friend.

19. French is a difficult language _ _ learn.

20. Vày you have _ _ _ sisters? – I have two sisters.

Exercise 3. Choose the best answer.

1. What a ............ Doll! My children like it very much.

A. Better

B. Lovely

C. Awful

D. Expensive

2. My brother’s favourite is table ............ .

A. Baseball

B. Footballer

C. Basketball

D. Tennis

3. Who’s .......... ? – It’s my friend, Nam.

A. That

B. His

C. Her

D. It

4. ............... Is your aunt’s address? – It’s on the table.

A. Where

B. How

C. When

D. Which

5. His house is ............... To lớn my house.

A. Behind

B. In front

C. Next

D. Near

6. My house is ...................... .

A. This

B. That

C. Big

D. Many

7. ..................... Does school year start & finish?

A. Why

B. What

C. When

D. Which

8. Who’s that?

A. That’s my school library.

B. There’re six chairs.

C. That’s my brother.

D. That’s a desk.

9. ................... Are you? – I am fine.

A. How

B. How old

C. How’s

D. What

10. George is short. He needs ....................... .

A. A large size

B. A medium size

C. A small size

D. A big size

11. Please, mở cửa the door. It’s ............ In here.

A. Hot

B. Cold

C. Warm

D. Rainy

12. My class is ..... 7 a.m ....... 11 a.m everyday.

A. Between/ from

B. From/ in

C. From/ to

D. At/ at

13. What’s her name? - .............. .

A. My name’s Hien.

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B. I’m Linda.

C. Her name’s Thanh Hoa.

D. He is Thanh.

14. What time is it? – It ......... Four fifteen.

A. Is

B. Has

C. At

D. In

15. Happy birthday, Mary. This cake is for ................. .

A. I

B. You

C. He

D. She

16. How many pets vì chưng you have?

A. She has two.

B. I have two.

C. He has two.

D. I has two.

17. There are two ................... In my house.

A. Bedrooms

B. Living-room

C. Classrooms

D. Kitchen

18. Can she play the piano?

A. Yes, I can.

B. Yes, he can.

C. Yes, she can.

D. Yes, we can.

19. What’s the weather like in winter?

A. It’s hot.

B. It hot.

C. It’s cold.

D. It cold.

20. Is this … school bag? – Yes, it is mine.

A. My

B. Your

C. You

D. His

Exercise 4: Choose the odd one out.


A. Write

B. Sing

C. Read

D. Friend


A. My

B. You

C. He

D. She


A. Hour

B. Minute

C. Hand

D. Second


A. Write

B. Sing

C. Read

D. Friend

Đáp án:

Exercise 1: Reorder the words to make sentences.

1.That is an orange.

2.What time is it?

3.Where does Sam live?

4.Is your father tall?

5.Fish and chicken are Nga's favourite things.

6.Where is my bag?

7.How many books do you give me?

8.He finishes work at 5.30.

9.My house is in the city.

10.I have many friends at school.

Exercise 2: Fill in the blank.

















Exercise 3. Choose the best answer.

1.B. Lovely

2.D. Tennis

3.A. That

4.A. Where

5.C. Next

6.C. Big

7.C. When

8.C. That’s my brother.

9.A. How

10.C. A small size

11.A. Hot

12.C. From/ to

13.C. Her name’s Thanh Hoa.

14.A. Is

15.B. You

16.B. I have two.

17.A. Bedrooms

18.C. Yes, she can.

19.C. It’s cold.

20.B. Your

Exercise 4: Choose the odd one out.

1.D. Friend

2.A. My

3.C. Hand

4.D. Friend

Học giờ Anh lớp 4 xuất xắc học giờ Anh mang đến trẻ em những em cần được tiếp cận hầu hết nguồn tài liệu cũng tương tự những công tác học giờ Anh tương xứng với chuyên môn và khả năng của mình. Học tập tiếng Anh trẻ em cùng Alokiddy sẽ giúp đỡ các em có thêm những kỹ năng tiếng Anh mới, những bài xích tập giờ đồng hồ Anh đa dạng chủng loại và thường xuyên được cập nhật. Hãy cho trẻ học tập ngay những bài học kinh nghiệm tiếng Anh thiếu nhi tại nhé!

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ĐỀ THI OLYMPIC TIẾNG ANH LỚP 4Vòng 1: bài 1: Choose the correct answer What ..his name ? a. Is b. Are c. This d. Bye2. May I ..out ? a. Mở cửa b. Go c. Come d. Say3. What colour is this ? – It’sbook. A. A green b. Green c. Pencil d. Ruler4. I’m in .4 A. A. Grade b. Class c. Classes d. Grades5. They from France. A. Is b. Am c. Is d. Are6. Where you from ? –I’m from Laos. A. Is b. Are c. Am d. Do7. .is Tom from ? – England. A. What b. When c. Where d. How 8. Is big ? a. You b. Your c. Yous d. Yours9. Tom is my .., too. A. He b. She c. Friend d. Be10. Your book ..small. A. It b. Is c. It’s d. Are
Bài 2: Fill in the blank
Good mo _ _ ing, Peter.I like orange jui _ e.This _ _ a ruler.Where is Minh from ? - _ _ is from Paris._ esk f _ ower _ m b _ _ k This is my r _ om. Bỏ ra _ ken
Bài 3: Matching 1. Notebook 2. Book 3. Question 4. Kite 5. Pen6. Sofa 7. Teacher 8. Window 9. House 10. Orangea. Gia sư b. Hành lang cửa số c. Nhỏ diều d. Cuốn sách e. Cây bútf. Ngôi nhà g. Quyển tập h. Trái cam i. Ghế đệm j. Câu hỏi1.2..3.4.5..6.789..10.Vòng 2: bài 1: Matching 1. Friend 2. Violin 3. Butterfly 4. Plane 5. Cow6. Fish 7. Mother 8. Ice cream 9. Family 10. Stara. Ngôi sao b. Chúng ta c. đàn vi ô lông d. Trườn cái e. Mẹf. Cá g. Kem h. Gia đình i. Bướm j. Trang bị bay1.2..3.4.5..6.789..10.Bài 2: Reoder the words to lớn make sentences1. How old is she ?________________________________________________________________2. Is name His Long.________________________________________________________________3. Miss is my teacher. Lien________________________________________________________________4. This an is apple________________________________________________________________5. Many There are rooms in the house.________________________________________________________________6. Is your old sister ? How________________________________________________________________7. How you now ? are________________________________________________________________8. Teacher mother a My is ________________________________________________________________9. My Nga. Name is________________________________________________________________10. Nice to lớn you, meet Tommy.________________________________________________________________Bài 3: Fill in the blank I’m seven years o _ _ .H _ _ name is Mary.Your scho_ _ is big.St _ _ d up, please.This _ _ my teacher.How _ _ e you ? I’m fine, th _ _ _ you.I’m se _ en years old.Where are you f _ _ _ ? What s _ bject bởi you lượt thích ?
Vòng 3: bài 1: Choose the correct answer
This gift is you.a. On b. In c. For d. At2. A: Tony, Where are you .? B: I’m from America. A. At b. From c. On d. To3. .birthday lớn you! a. Nice b. Fine c. Happy d. Happily4. Are theu students ? Yes, .. A. They are b. They vì chưng c. Are they d. Are their
Bài 2: Matching 1. Write 2. Teddy bear 3. Lion 4. Chicken 5. House6. Girl 7. Drink 8. Yo-yo 9. Lamp 10. Ice creama. đàn bà b. Uống c. Sư tử d. Bóng đèn để bàn e. Gàf. Gấu g. Bé lăn h. Kem i. Viết j. Nơi ởài 3: Fill in the blank1. Numb_ r 2. Mornin _ 3. Augu _ t 4. Vie _ nam 5. M _ rch6. This is my sch _ _ l library. 7. Mary is hap _ y because today is her bithday.8. Good bye. See you tomorr _ w.9. Her _ s my bedroom.10. Cak _ Vòng 4: bài xích 1: Choose the correct answer
There ..two boys in my class.a. Is b. Many c. Are d. Isn’t2. My brother is worker. A. An b. An’s c. A d. A’s3. What is it ? It’s white. A. Colours b. Colour c. Colour’s d. Colourn’t4. I .watching TV. A. Is b. Are c. Am d. Aren’t5. friend, Nga. A. Am b. Is c. Are d. Name 6. Let’s ..hello lớn the teacher. A. Go b. Say c. Know d. To7. How..desks are there in your classroom ? a. Any b. Many’s c. Any’s d. Many8. August is the eighth the year. A. By b. On c. Of d. From9. Give.a pen, please. A. My b. Me c. My’s d. I10. Look at the , please. A. Say b. Tell c. Board d. Board’s
Bài 2 : Fill in the blank
How old _ _ your sister ? She is eleven years old._ _ _ are you ? I’m eleven years old.Thank you very much, Lan Anh. You _ _ _ welcome.My school is _ _ _ big. It’s small.Bài 3: Matching 1. Dance 2. Pencil box 3. Drink 4. Kite 5. Candle6. Soft drink 7. Greet 8. Sit 9. Butterfly 10. Eata. Kính chào b. Nước uống có ga c. Hộp cây bút chì d. đồ uống e. ănf. Nhảy đầm g. Ngồi h. Nhỏ diều i. Nến j. Bướm1.òng 5: bài 1: Matching 1. Bedroom 2. Garden 3. Kitchen 4. Bus 5. Desk6. Lion 7. Greet 8. Smile 9. Listen 10. Ducka. Nghe b. Chào c. Phòng ngủ cá nhân d. Nhà bếp e. Xe pháo buýt f. Sư tử g. Vườn h. Chiếc bàn i. Mỉm cười j. Con vịt1.ài 2: Reoder the words to lớn make sentences1. You ? are How old________________________________________________________________2. Cat. Like My brother doesn’t________________________________________________________________3. Is Lina. Name My________________________________________________________________4. Is job ? What her________________________________________________________________5. Book read the Let’s________________________________________________________________6. Xào luộc words. Down the________________________________________________________________7. Am hungry I now.________________________________________________________________8. What’s name ? your________________________________________________________________9. Kite for That is you________________________________________________________________10. Her Mary. Is name________________________________________________________________Bài 3: Leave me out 1. Aunswer 2. Pqink 3. Numbwer 4. Remembper 5. Tosy6. Stutdent 7. Candey 8. Reaqd 9. Broewn 10. Caike
Vòng 6: bài bác 1: Fill in the blank
Thang can play football _ _ _ dance.Tom can ride _ bicycle.Reode _ the sentences.Would you lượt thích s _ _ _ milk ?
Bài 2: Matching 1. Flag 2. Cake 3. Doctor 4. Monkey 5. Hand6. Wash hand 7. Get up 8. Bowl 9. Orange 10. Beea. Bánh ngọt b. Ngủ dậy c. Dòng tô d. Cam e. Bé ongf. Bác bỏ sĩ g. Rửa tay h. Bàn tay i. Con khỉ j. Lá cờ12.ài 3: Leave me out 1. Classruoom 2. Liuke 3. Heappy 4. Sieng 5. Baanana6. Calengder 7. Tabole 8. Priymary 9. Schooll 10. Mornieng
Vòng 7: bài xích 1: Matching 1. Play chess 2. Swim 3. Pizza 4. Water 5. Parrot6. Eyes 7. Dance 8. Mouth 9. Wash 10. Gal 11. Noisy 12. Tiger 13. Grass 14. Jumpa. ầm ĩ b. Tập bơi c. Nước uống d. Dancing e. Con két f. Color xám g. Chơi cờ h. Con hổ i. Rửa j. Mồm k. Dancing l. Bánh piza m. Cỏ n. Mắtài 2: Fill in the blank
That is _ _ bicycle.Tommy can sp_ _ k English.This gift is for you. Thank you very m _ _ h.He was bor _ in May.My father can s _ im.Mary is in the cl _ _ _ _ _ _ _ now.My brother can play f _ _ ball.Is it a r _ _ nd box ? No, it is a square box._ _ _ _ is it ? It is a chair. H _ r _ you are. Thank you.Bài 3: Choose the correct answerare you from ? I’m from New Zealand.a. Who b. When c. Where d. How 2. lượt thích some milk ? Yes, plesse. A. Can b. Are c. Is d. Would3. Are these your books ? No, a. This isn’t b. They aren’t c. Ther aren’t d. These are4. Can you swim ? .. A. No, I can b. No, thanks c. Yes, I can d. Yes, I can5. My sister is happy is her birthday. A. But b. Kết thúc c. & d. Because6. Where is she today ? a. She’s at shool b. She’s fine c. She’s from australia d. She’s seven years old7. I’m Vietnam. A. Down b. Up c. From d. Under8. This ruler is . A. Book b. Pen c. Small d. Bag9. Can you speak English ? a. Yes, i can’t b. No, I can c. No, I can’t d. Yes, I do10. Choose the odd one out a. May b. April c. June d. Peter
Vòng 8: bài 1: Reoder the words lớn make sentences1. I from England. Am________________________________________________________________2. Old How is your brother ?________________________________________________________________3. My This is family.________________________________________________________________4. Oxford Primary School John a student is at________________________________________________________________5. Like you a Would candy ?________________________________________________________________6. Chocolate very I lượt thích much.________________________________________________________________7. Sing and I dance can________________________________________________________________8. For you are Here flowers some________________________________________________________________9. Happy to birthday you !________________________________________________________________10. Fly. A bird can________________________________________________________________Bài 2: Matching 1. Sad 2. Penguin 3. Glass 4. Heart 5. Gift6. Dance 7. Policeman 8. Sick 9. Cheese 10. Mapa. Buồn b. Công an c. Bệnh dịch d. Pho mat e. Trái tim f. Khiêu vũ g. Cái ly h. Bản đồ i. Chim cánh cụt j. Quà1...23456..7..8910.Bài 3: Choose the correct answer
Would you lượt thích .milk ? No, thanks.a. A b. An c. The d. Some2. This banana is you, Tim. A. On b. For c. In d. Under3. Where is she today ? a. She’s at school b. She’s from nước australia c. She’s nine years old d. She’s fine4. Is this a notebook ? No, .. A. It isn’t b. It is c. It does d. It doesn’t5. What’s name ? He’s Tommy. A. Her b. His c. She d. He
Vòng 9: bài bác 1: Matching 1. School bag 2. Pony 3. Vì morning exercises 4. Candle5. Baby6. Play the piano 7. Engineer 8. Orange juice 9. Number 10. Zeroa. Em nhỏ nhắn b. Cái cặp c. Nước xay cam d. Con số e. Nếnf. Kỹ sư g. Chơi lũ piano h. Cộng đồng dục buổi sáng sớm i. Số 0 j. Ngựa1..ài 2: Fill in the blank
My brother lik _ s toys very much.I am _ _ om England.I was _ _ _ n in April.Can she p _ _ y football ? No, she can’t.John is ten y_ _ rs old.Tommy is happy bec _ _ se today is he birthday._ _ _ you swim ? No, I can’t.My books are o _ the table.My b _ droom is small.What ab _ _ t an táo bị cắn ? No, thanks.Bài 3: Choose the correct answer
I can ..a tree. A. Fly b. Write c. Read d. Climb2. Where’s she today ? a. She’s at school b. Yes, she from America c. She’s nine d. She can swim3. Can you swim, Mary ? Yes, I a. Are b. Am c. Can d. Can’t 4. What can .do ? I can dance và sing. A. I b. He c. You d. Me
Vòng 10: bài 1: Choose the correct answer
How old Peter ? He’s twelve years old.a. Is b. Are c. Isn’t d. Am2. How books on your bookshelf ? There are ten books. A. When b. Very c. Many d. Old3. I’m thirsty. I’d like .. A. A banana b. A hamburger c. A packet of milk d. A bread4. Sam can a horse. A. Ride b. Play c. Stay d. Drink5. Choose the odd one out a. Father b. Mother c. Teacher d. Sister6. What’s name ? She’s Mary. A. Her b. His c. This d. The7. Choose the odd one out a. On b. To lớn c. In d. Read8. My books are ..the table. A. At b. Lớn c. Under d. On9. Mary to lớn sing . A. Vày b. Can c. Don’t d. Can’t10. Would you lượt thích ice cream ? Yes, please. A. A b. An c. Some d. Any
Bài 2: Matching 1. Flag 2. Wash hands 3. Spoon 4. Shirt 5. Nose6. Sick 7. Play chess 8. Yo-yo 9. Drink 10. Buttera. Cọ tay b. Loại muỗng c. áo sơ ngươi d. Lá cờ e. Loại mũif. Căn bệnh g. Chơi cờ h. Nhỏ lăn i. Bơ j uống12...ài 3: Fill in the blank1. _ ngland 2. Frie _ d 3. The map is on the wa _ _ . 4. Peter ha_ many dolls. Vòng 11: bài 1: Leave me out 1. Pictugure 2. Windowq 3. Sherep 4. Roboqt 5. Fehet6. Mothqer 7. Shxip 8. Stagnd 9. Ruoler 10. Cahke
Bài 2: Reoder the words khổng lồ make sentences1. Mary Oxford Primary School. Is a student at ________________________________________________________________2. Books My are bookshelf. On the ________________________________________________________________3. In brown box. My toys the are________________________________________________________________4. A car. Can My drive father________________________________________________________________5. Would you like milk ? some ________________________________________________________________6. Your is When birthday ?________________________________________________________________7. Student. Primary a am I________________________________________________________________8. Is years she ten old.________________________________________________________________9. Sing She và dance. Can________________________________________________________________10. Is classrooom the small ?________________________________________________________________Bài 3: Matching1. Scissors 2. Kangaroos 3. Numbers 4. Umbrella 5. Three glasses6. Three pens 7. Grapes 8. Two windows 9. Elephant 10. Three telephonesa. Nho b. 3 cây bút c. Loại kéo d. Con số e. Cây mặc dù g. Con voi h. 3 cái điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh i. 3 chiếc ly j. Thú túi1..2..òng 12: bài xích 1: Fill in the blank 1. Vị you h_ _ _ Maths today ? 2. Wh _ _ bởi you have Maths ? I have it on Monday.3. Do you have toys ? Yes, I _ _ _ _ a doll.4. During M _ _ _ s lessons, I learn about numbers.Bài 2: Leave me out 1. Snoywy 2. Swimn 3. Rahin 4. Cpold 5. Dwraw6. Septemxber 7. Anigmal 8. Danlce 9. Subjecsct 10. Cloqck
Bài 3: Matching 1. Sheep 2. Four eggs 3. Hands 4. Four computers 5. Sunglasses6. Cheese 7. Climb a tree 8. Pizza 9. Paper 10. Three glasses a. 4 quả trứng b. 4 thứ vi tính c. Giấy d. Bánh piza e. Bàn tay f. Pho mat g. Leo cây h. Nhỏ cừu i. Kính đeo mắt j. 3 cái ly 1..2..òng 13: bài 1: Choose the correct answer
Come & .badminton, George!a. Dob. Playc. Maked. Take2. Mary and Kate ..coming khổng lồ class today. A. Isn’tb. Don’tc. Aren’td. Doesn’t3. Children .play football in the street. A. Can’tb. Have lớn c. Don’t haved. Are to4. Mrs and Mr. Pike .dinner at the moment. A. Is having b. Are havingc. B & c are correct d. Are eating 5. Rebeca is English but she isn’t.England. She comes to lớn Vietnam ..Thailand. A. From – in b. From – for c. For – from d. From – from6. Choose a word which has different part of pronunciation: a. Want b. Game c. Same d. Name 7. It’s usually in the winter. A. Cool b. Cold c. Hot d. Snow8. I’m cleaning the floor. Can you help ? a. I b. Me c. My d. You9. Everyone in the classthese exercises. A. Have to vì chưng b. Has to vì c. Has to d. Has do10. Where you usually the the evening ? a. Do – go b. Are – go c. Are – going d. Do- going
Bài 2: Leave me out 1. Vises 2. Yestierday 3. Yarod 4. Hould 5. Paper6. Pantient 7. Matach 8. Rospe 9. Homme 10. Conke
Bài 3: Reoder the words khổng lồ make sentences1. A busy after I am very tired working week.________________________________________________________________2. A holiday for going on three weeks. I’m________________________________________________________________3. Are waiting outside the door. Their children them for________________________________________________________________4. Which after “I” ? letter comes________________________________________________________________5. Held a day yesterday. Nam’s school sports ________________________________________________________________6. Lượt thích have to lớn a dog. I’d ________________________________________________________________7. Is the boy Who that photo ? in________________________________________________________________8. Some milk Can ,please ? I have in my coffee________________________________________________________________9. Did the tiệc ngọt ? they invite khổng lồ you________________________________________________________________10. No tonight. In the sky There are stars________________________________________________________________Vòng 14: bài bác 1: Put the words in right order 1. You milk ? Would lượt thích some ________________________________________________________2. There are two my house. Bedrooms ________________________________________________________ in3. Beautiful. Kites These are________________________________________________________4. During What vày Music lessons ? you do________________________________________________________ 5. To lớn play very much. Tom trò chơi likes________________________________________________________6. The most ? lượt thích subject do you What________________________________________________________7. Today. The weather hot is________________________________________________________8. Are notebooks My green.________________________________________________________9. Tree. Climb I can a________________________________________________________10. Is on the maps wall. The________________________________________________________Bài 2: Choose the correct answer1. What colour is this ? a. There are two b. No, it isn’t c. It’s pink d. Yes, they are2. Hi, are you from ? I’m from Canada. A. Who b. How c. Where d. When3. How..robots are there ? There are three robots. A. Many b. Much c. Any d. Very4. What do you go to school ? I go khổng lồ school at 7 o’clock. A. Name b. Time c. Subjects d. Many
Bài 3: Matching 1. Three round boxes 2. Green gift 3. Four spiders 4. Sunglasses 5. Sick6. Three bears 7. Bookshelf 8. Six blue ballons 9. Three cows 10. Five rabbitsa. Kệ sách b. 3 loại hộp tròn c. 3 bé bò chiếc d. 5 bé thỏ e. Món đá quý xanh lá f. 3 nhỏ gấu g. 4 con nhện h. 6 cái sạn bong bóng i. Căn bệnh j. Kính treo mắt1.234567..8..9.10Vòng 15: bài xích 1: Choose the correct answer
Choose a word which has different part of pronunciation:a. Seat b. Head c. Cheap d. Meat2. What màu sắc is this ? It’s .. A. Black b. Wine c. Purple d. Read3. Choose the odd one out a. Tired b. Sad c. Cold d. Snow4. Tim is good ..all sports. A. At b. In c. Into d. With5. Choose the odd one out a. Bird b. Frog c. Dog d. Fan6. Whose watch is it ? It’s sunny.. A. Sister b. Sisters c. Sister’s d. Sister watch 7. What does your brother vì ? He’s a .. A. Cooker b. Shoppkeeper c. Play d. Office8. Vày teacher said “ Don’ calss” a. Speak b. Talk c. Tell d. Say
Bài 2: Fill in the blank1. Se _ tion 2. Cor _ ect 3. Ti _ k 4. Pre _ ty 5. Ne _ k 6. P _ esent 7. Era _ er 8. Natio _ ality 9. Au _ ust 10. Cof _ ee
Bài 3: Matching 1. Dancer 2. Beer 3. Glasses 4. Hot dogs 5. Play with a yo-yo6. Doll 7. An ice cream 8. Sick 9. Drink fruit juice 10. Paint the walla. Kem b. Vũ công c. Bia d. Nghịch với con lăn e. Bệnhf. Búp bê g. Loại ly h. Tô tường i. Bánh j. Hấp thụ nước trái cây1.òng 16: bài 1: Leave me out 1. Yolung 2. Chopesticks 3. Easay 4. Wellcome 5. Mouthn6. Foosd 7. Werong 8. Clefan 9. Floweber 10. Morninng
Bài 2: Fill in the blank
Are you having an English lesson ? No, I’m _ _ _.I don’t have _ _ _ money. I p. _ _ _ _ _ football yesterday._ _ _ _ you born in January ? Can Jack and Brain play the piano ? Yes, _ _ _ _ can.Bài 3: Reoder the words to make sentences1. We have uniforms do on Monday ? to wear________________________________________________________________2. The post office ? next the supermarket Is khổng lồ ________________________________________________________________3. May 16th ? little brother’s birthday Is your on________________________________________________________________4. Wakes Thomas in the morning early up.________________________________________________________________5. Interested in playing everyday. They are baseball________________________________________________________________6. Bởi of flowers What kinds you want lớn buy ?________________________________________________________________7. Pupils in your class ? are there How many________________________________________________________________8. Very much. I lượt thích new your bicycle________________________________________________________________9. At night ? let your children Why go out vì you________________________________________________________________10. What language speak ? they do________________________________________________________________Vòng 17: bài 1: Choose the correct answer
Lana. Has a round đen eyes b. Has eyes brown blackc. Has round black eyes d. Is round black eyes 2. Who is that ? – It’s a. Book b. Mr. John c. Ruler d. I3. When is your birthday, Emily ? It’s on a. The September 25 b. September 25 th c. September of 25 d. 25 of September4. Suri’s house is not near her school, so she goes to school a. By a xe đạp b. On bus c. By bike d. On foot5. How often vì you visit your grandparents ? a. Once a week b. Two a week c. One a week d. Twice week6. .go khổng lồ Datlat this weekend ? a. Let’s b. Why don’t we c. What about d. How about 7. Tom và are going khổng lồ the birhtday tiệc nhỏ together. A. I b. Me c. My d. Him8. Choose a word which has different part of pronunciation: a. Candle b. Famous c. Wake d. Paper9. Do you play soccer everyday ? a. Yes, I vày b. Yes, I play c. No, I bởi vì d. I play soccer10. How you brush your teeth ? a. Many b. Often c. Old d. Time
Bài 2: Fill in the blank1. Pe _ son 2. Min _ te 3. Cou _ try 4. O _ ange 5. Clas _ mate6. Cross _ ord 7. Bet _ er 8. Gue _ s 9. Sho _ ld 10. S _ issor
Bài 3: Matching 1. Umbrella 2. Tissue box 3. Toystore 4. Ha Long bay 5. Time 6. Round 7. Pine tree 8. Take a photo 9. Bone 10. Puzzlesa. Hình tròn trụ b. Cây dù c. Ghép hình d. Vịnh Hạ Long e. Thời gianf. Cây cảnh g. Hộp giấy h. Chụp ảnh i. Quầy bán hàng chơi j. Xương1..2..òng 18: bài xích 1: Fill in the blank How _ _ _ _ _ vì chưng you go cycling lớn the countryside ? – Once a week.There are _ _ _ _ _ _ months in a year.How many meals _ _ _ _ their baby have a day ? _ _ _ _ _ sports does she play, badminton or soccer ? Badminton.Bài 2: Reoder the words khổng lồ make sentencesat the clothing store Lee bought clothes yesterday. A lot of_______________________________________________________________his mouth. The dentist to xuất hiện told him________________________________________________________________because I’m to lớn Hue very tired. I don’t want lớn travel________________________________________________________________Jimmy the matter What was yesterday ? with________________________________________________________________he came a week. Back home after Finally,________________________________________________________________to be Why you want don’t a nurse ?________________________________________________________________the best player. He was Brucewas because happy________________________________________________________________together the children an hour. For played________________________________________________________________hold last month ? your school a tuy nhiên festival Did________________________________________________________________ hear I am sorry lớn that.________________________________________________________________Bài 3: Matching 1. Cow 2. Go khổng lồ the restaurant 3. Moon 4. Swimming 5. Class6. Fifteen 7. Cough 8. Cassette 9. Talk in class 10. Play the guitara. Ho b. Băng ghi âm c. Nói trong lớp d. Chơi lũ ghi ta e. Lớp họcf. ăn nhà hàng quán ăn g. Trườn cái h. Mặt trăng i. Bơi j. Số 1512..3..4..5678.910..Vòng 19: bài xích 1: Reoder the words khổng lồ make sentences1. Pink cake This for you. Is________________________________________________________________2. Shelf. Are on the books The________________________________________________________________3. The I in evening. Watch TV________________________________________________________________4. Have at I six o’clock. Breakfast________________________________________________________________5. Lessons ? bởi What you bởi vì during English________________________________________________________________6. Now is the classroom in She ________________________________________________________________7. You lượt thích do English ? Why________________________________________________________________8. Day. Favorite is my Friday________________________________________________________________9. My on books the desk. Are________________________________________________________________10. You Would like ice cream ? an________________________________________________________________Bài 2: Matching 1. Two horses 2. Penguin 3. Yellow bicycle 4. Yellow scissors 5. Rainbow6. Brown oto 7. Can 8. Green umbrella 9. Blue gift 10. Yellow sofaa. Hộp thiếc b. Penguin c. Xe đạp điện màu tiến thưởng d. 2 con con ngữa e. Mong vồngf. Xe pháo hơi greed color g. Dù màu xanh lá cây lá h. Kéo màu xoàn i. Ghế sô pha j. Quà12..3..4..5678.910..Bài 3: Choose the correct answer
Her birthday is May.a. Lớn b. From c. In d. On2. Choose the odd one out a. Sing b. Song c. Sit d. Stand3. What is it ? – It’s 7 o’clock. A. Name b. Colour c. Time d. Day4. .flowers are for you. A. This b. That c. A d. These
Vòng 20: bài bác 1: Fill in the blank1. I h _ ve a new pen.2. My fath _ r is an engineer.3. My father can s _ im.4. I’d like _ _ orange.5. Can you swim ? – No, I can’ _.6. Please, give me some m _ _ e.7. The map is on the wa _ _.8. Would you _ _ _ _ some milk ? – No, thanks.9. Tho _ _ are our schoolbags.10. This doll is _ _ _ you.11. There are twenty stude _ _ _ in my class.12. His sister is t _ ll. He’s short.Bài 2: Matching1. Chopsticks 2. Run 3. Parrot 4. Garden 5. Square box6. Gloves 7. Wash hands 8. Sink 9. Cry 10. Pizzaa. Bánh của Ý b. Bao tay c. Nhỏ vẹt d. Khu vườn e. Chạyf. Cọ tay g. đũa h. Chậu i. Khóc j. Vỏ hộp vuông12..3..4..5 678.910..Bài 3: Choose the correct answer
He is .years old.a. Fine b. Five c. Nice d. Kite2. Choose the odd one out: a. Vietnam b. England c. America d. Vietnamese3. Notebooks are there in your class ? There are 3 notebooks . A. How old b. What subjects c. How many d. Who4. My name..Long. A. Am b. Is c. Are d. And5. Can you..a picture ? a. Draw b. Look c. On d. When6. What can vì chưng ? – I can dance và sing. A. I b. He c. You d. Me7. .a round ball. A. Is it b. It’s c. What is d. They are8. Choose the odd one out a. May b. April c. June d. Peter9. Vị you want some milk ? a. Yes, I bởi vì b. Yes, I don’t c. No, I vày d. Yes, I can10. Are you from, Jean ? – I’m from Canada. A. What b. How c. Where d. When
Vòng 21: bài xích 1: Matching 1. Cow 2. Elephants 3. Waste basket 4. Green gift 5. Pig6. Red bed 7. Mouse 8. Yellow oto 9. Kangaroos 10. Blue spoona. Nhỏ chuột b. Quà blue color lá c. Xe ô tô màu quà d. Bò cái e. Nhỏ lợnf. Dòng giường màu đỏ g. Thú túi h. Sọt rác i. Bé voi j. Muỗng màu xanh lá cây nước biển12..3..4..5 678.910..Bài 2: Fill in the blank
How is the weath _ _ today ? – It’s sunny today.How many doll _ are there ?
It’s ra _ _ y today.Where _ _ _ you from ? – I’m from Vietnam.The _ e crayons are for you. My crayons a _ _ on the table._ _ you like Arts ?- Yes, I do.There _ _ _ seven days in a week._ _ ose are my crayons. Vày you h _ _ _ Maths today.Bài 3: Choose the correct answer:..your friend’s name ?a. What’s b. How’s c. When’s d. Who’s2. What’s that ? – That’s _ _ eraser. A. The b. An c. A d. This3. Can the cát fly ? - a. No, it can b. No, it does c. No. It can’t d. No, it doesn’t4. Can you speak English ?- Yes, _ can. A. You b. I c. He d. She 5. This gift is .you. A. For b. On c. In d. Under
Vòng 22: bài 1: Choose the correct answer
Can she drive a oto ?a. Yes, she is b. Yes, she can c. Yes, she does d. Yes, she do2. What’s .name ? – He’s Tim. A. Her b. His c. She d. He3. Goodbye, Sam. - . A. Good morning b. Good night c. See you again d. Hi, I’m John4. Choose the odd one out a. You b. Mother c. Father d. Sister5. A. Read b. Sing c. Draw d. Plays6. May b. April c. June d. Peter7. My name.Long. A. Am b. Is c. Are d. And8. My sister can .a pony. A. Bye b. Ride c. Ride’s d. Rides9. The map are .the wall. A. Under b. On c. In d. For10. Choose the odd one out a. Balloon b. Yo-yo c. Doll d. School
Bài 2: Matching1. Three Teddy bears 2. Four computers 3. Watch TV 4. Orange juice 5. Cook6. Play table tennis 7. Umbrella 8. Two cats 9. Two bears 10. Red beda. 4 cái máy vi tính b. Cây dù c. 2 con mèo d. Loại giường đỏ e. đầ bếpf. Xem truyền họa g. 3 bé gấu h. 2 nhỏ gấu i. Nước cam j. Nghịch tanic12..3..4..5 678.910..Bài 3: Fill in the blank
Where are you from, Peter ? – I’m England.He _ e you are. Thank you.We like Arts bec _ _ _ e we like to draw pictures.I’m sorry. I’m la _ e.Vòng 23: bài 1: Leave me out1. Traqin 2. Bananja 3. Swimn 4. Orangoe 5. Dkog6. Classromom 7. Cyat 8. Waljl 9. Flowker 10. Cahke
Bài 2: Reoder the words to make sentnces1. Are old How you ?________________________________________________________________2. She is friend. New my________________________________________________________________3. Is name Nga. My________________________________________________________________4. Can dance. I sing and________________________________________________________________5. A cat
Tom has________________________________________________________________6. My teacher. Mother is a________________________________________________________________7. Football Would you like play to now ?________________________________________________________________8. A have pen. New I________________________________________________________________9. Where is from ? she____________________________________________________________